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No act is too small! Share your blessings by making a charitable donation to St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal to support our missions!

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The Importance of Giving

There is no act too small when it comes to helping those in need. Whether you are donating your money, your time, or your resources, every contribution makes a difference and touches the lives of those around you. Giving is an important way to support the ministries at SPR. Your donation will help those in need.

Through the tireless efforts of its staff and volunteers, St. Paul AME has helped countless people with everything from housing to medical care and beyond. Their compassion and passion inspire the Raleigh community, and your contributions will make a real difference in the lives of others.

So it’s said: No act is too small! When it comes to helping those in need, we must all do whatever we can—whether it’s lending a hand physically or simply donating that supports others in doing so—because while charity begins at home, its impact extends far beyond our own communities. So let us all recommit ourselves to sharing our blessings with others today and every day moving forward to make a positive impact on the world around us.​

To donate today, see the many ways you can offer your support.

Weekly Tithes and Offerings

If you wish to support our church with your tithes and offerings, there are several ways to do it.

Via Mail

Mail your checks to the church via US mail

Via Phone

Use the phone app “Givlify”

Via Website

Online via our website