Women’s Ministry

The Importance of Women’s Ministries

Women Ministries are a vital aspect of the St. Paul AME Church community. Whether through Bible studies, service opportunities, or social events, they provide important outlets for the many women who are an integral part of the congregation.

Today, we provide Women’s Bible Study led by Retired Presiding Elder Ella Mae Samuels, Women’s Interactive Development through Sister-to-Sister (SOS) communications, and Studying Women in the Bible led by Sister Paulette Davis Motley. By offering support, companionship, and meaningful connections, these ministries help to foster a sense of belonging and strengthen the bonds within the church body as a whole.

In addition, by providing resources and encouragement to those facing life challenges, such as illness or loss, these ministries enable women to truly flourish both in their personal and spiritual lives.

Our Latest Ministries


SOS (Sister To Sister), JASA (Just a Sister A-Way) & Women’s Ministry

Throughout the pages of the Bible, we encounter many heroic women who are an inspiration to us all. From Ruth, who faithfully remained with her mother-in-law, Naomi, despite difficult circumstances, to Esther, who risked her life to save her fellow Hebrews from destruction, these women possessed great faith and tenacity that continues to inspire us today. As we celebrate these righteous foremothers, we are reminded of the many gifts that women bring to our world.

Whether it is their capacity for empathy and compassion or their ability to persevere through hardship, women continue to be a source of strength and wisdom for all. So let us not simply rejoice in their accomplishments and achievements but also take their example as a call to action and use our own God-given talents and abilities to make positive changes in the world around us.

After all, as the psalmist says, “Truly I tell you—whoever praises you praises me” (Psalm 113:1). Let us lift up these righteous women in praise for all that they have done for humanity!

WINGS (Women IN God’s Service) & Women’s Bible Study

For many women, the path to spiritual growth is paved with the challenges and struggles that come with daily life. Whether we’re dealing with difficult relationships or struggling with our own imperfections, it can seem like there’s never enough time or resources to make real progress in our walk with God.

However, women’s Bible study is one avenue through which we can more deeply explore our faith and grow in our relationship with God. So whether you’re new on this journey or a seasoned believer looking for new inspiration and perspective, I encourage you to join this women’s Bible study today and start living joyfully in His light.